Send money internationally to family and friends 
in seconds.

No more “business days”, sneaky fees, and wasting your precious time. Send money instantly with Palla!

Remittances without the hassle

What is Palla?

A platform to send money
internationally, instantly

Palla powers remittances from the U.S. to countries around the world. Our platform is designed to integrate with banking institutions and FinTechs to help consumers send money to their friends and family members across borders.

Simple APIs ready to integrate with your product

Our APIs are designed to integrate with consumer banking applications. We handle all the international transfer processes, US compliance requirements, and provide easy to use API docs. Features include, Instant Transfers, Invites, Requests, Recurring Transfers, Transfer Feed (& more!).

Simple money transfer for your customers

How does it work?

Step 1

Sender signs up for Palla in under 5 minutes

Signing up is simple - enter your basic details and cell. Invitations to Palla can also be sent via Transfer Requests from partner banking apps.

Step 2

Choose and verify recipient

Palla allows customers to quickly and easily choose who they'd like to send money to from their contacts. Requests can be sent in-app or through the customers preferred communication channels (WhatsApp, iMessages, Google Messages, etc).

Step 3

Choose amount and send in seconds

The sender simply enters the sending amount and payments  details and boom money sent! We always show exactly what is being sent and exactly what will be received  (fees are ALWAYS transparent with Palla).

Becoming the backbone of remittances from the US to the world..

Increase your revenue

Palla is a great way for FinTech companies to offer new features to their customers. We also share in the remittance revenues to help your program monetize. On average, customers send $320 per month between the US and LATAM.

Customer growth

Grow your account base by capturing invites from US remittance senders.
(As an example, on 72% of MX remittances are received in cash, but only 38% of the population is fully served by FinTechs and banks.)

Increase engagement

With a new stream of incoming deposits from remittances, account spend, active rates, and customer engagement will be higher. Features include simple invites, instant transfers, $ requests, & recurring remittances.


An API-First Platform

Simple Integration

Palla's Partner Platform is a simple and secure REST API that lets banks empower their customers to request, receive and manage international inward remittances.

Powerful tooling

Our product is built to allow our partners to fully customize the experience within their app and includes tailored reporting to drive customer insights and engagement.


Partners will find a full suite of clear documentation and a simple dashboard to easily manage their integration. Our platform team is here to help with any custom configuration you may need.

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